Nic and I got to try out Move with a game called The Shoot. The game has different game modes, called "scenes," that use the same mechanics, but in different environments. I played a Western scene in which I was on a manual railroad car. Cowboys on horses would enter the screen from the sides, and further back, there were enemies on the train riding parallel to me. The standard attack was a simple gun used by pointing the Move at the target and pressing the trigger button on the under side of the controller. As I finished shooting the enemies in a particular section, I had to progress to the next section by moving the controller up and down, to mimic the action of raising and lowering the handle of the railroad car. While doing it, I could see the handle of the car enter and exit the screen.

In addition to the plain point and shoot gun, there were 3 special attacks that you could activate by doing a certain move with the controller. Holding the controller straight up and pushing the button activated a machine gun attack that would last for about 10 seconds, followed by a cooldown time. Holding the controller straight down and pushing the button would send out a shockwave that killed all enemies on the screen. The third special attack that's activated by doing a lasso movement around your head (so the demo guy said), but neither Nic or I were able to activate it, although I guess we didn't try very hard. There was also a melee attack for when enemies were close to you. To execute the melee attack, you thrust the controller forward.

Nic played a sci-fi scene in which robots and small spaceships are the enemies. It used the same special attacks.

The Move system was very responsive and accurate during the game I played. I had no trouble quickly shooting my enemies as they appeared.

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