Today at E3 2010 - Joe and I got the opportunity to go ahead and play Little Big Planet 2. We got to play four different modes - one was a multiplayer race and the other three were mini - games.

The first mini - game that we played was basically a mode where four players used bumped cars against each other and tried to ram each other into the sides. Players use speed boosts to hit the opposing players and ram them into the walls. You can score points by running other players into the wall, however, be aware that running into the walls yourself will make you lose points. Points are awarded in ten point increments.

The second mini-game that we played was a block-based game where it tested the players speed and hand eye coordination. Four players were pitted against each other and blocks would appear with a "button icon" on each block. The object of this mini-game is to press the button on the block as rapidly as possible and to keep moving on. The player who can clear the most blocks when the time is up will be the winner.

The third mini-game and my personal favorite involved the four players pitted against each other in Rocket Combat. Each Sackboy was equipped with a rocket launcher that you could aim by using the right joystiq. Players then run around the map with their rocket launchers trying to kill their opponents. Each kill is worth 10 points and the player with the highest score at the end of the round is the winner.

Overall, I would say that Little Big Planet 2 is far deeper than the first game. From grappling to mini-games to multiplayer races, this game has ton of potential in the future.

100 4032

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